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Better Safe than Sorry. In case of natural disasters or technical failures, power outages often occur, posing great problems and incurring irreversible damage to loved ones and businesses.

GENAPOWER Co., Ltd. is an energy solution company that provides our valued clients with generators from top world-class brands and their parts and components, automatic transfer switches and paralling systems. All these products are installed with commissioning and at customer requests we also offer preservation maintenance, EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) planning, system modification and trouble-shooting services. We are, across the globe, undergoing a tumultuous period of energy crisis which stems from climate change, a variety of social upheavals and a range of incidents. This makes having a back-up electricity generating system an integral part of any facility at individual, corporate/organizational levels. Even a second of power failure can cause an astronomical amount of economic loss. GENAPOWER is in the forefront of supplying emergency power generators with distinguished know-how in power machinery, the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology, and certified, seasoned engineers and technicians. We try our best to contribute to safer and happier environments to work and reside in. Thank you.

We work without borders. The sky is the limit.

CEO Hyunsoo Park